We are extremely fortunate to host, and, as a result, you are warmly invited, to come and marvel at two positively outstanding productions by two of the freshest, most inventive creative forces in the country.

THE TABLE – 11th March

The guys behind The Table are called BLind SumMiT, and were involved in the gigantically successful 2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. Their focus in The Table is on a somewhat smaller scale, but the impact their nuanced creations is not dulled by the reduction in size.

The Table - Photography credit Nigel BewleyThe one-puppet-show requires three skilled puppeteers, who pull the strings behind the character of Moses, who has a cardboard head. He is an oft-distracted philosopher, who spills his thoughts to the audience about life’s big issues, but often sways into self-asserting stand-up comedy. This is a show not to be missed, a wonderfully unique display of innovation in a field centuries old. It is, so say its reviewers, a work of “breathless simplicity” that serves only to emphasise the remarkable depth of emotion conveyed within Moses’ material body and head.

The Table runs on March 11 at 19:00. You can book tickets via the Old Fire Station events website, thusly.

I wholeheartedly suggest you have a gander at the BLind SumMiT website and check out their other exciting physical mind-finding-finger-benders.

WAIST – 20th March

Waist Logo
The brain behind WAIST is a young man named Toby Parker-Rees, described by the experimental theatre mogul Tim Crouch as a “reason to be cheerful”. He is a Royal Court Young Writer, and has been shortlisted for the RSC Other Prize for playwriting. The actors have also received some rather esteemed backing, with Tom Fraser – who stars as a Satyr, half man, half goat – having been described as “mesmerising”.

WAIST is a brilliantly creative play that scooped the ‘Number One Pick’ award at the Free Fringe. I wouldn’t want to give away too much of the plot, but you can have a look at a wee bit more information at the website of the play’s production group, Live Beasts.

They enjoy performing to lively, not staid, audiences. So if you fancy an energetic, youthful and slightly different theatrical evening, skooch over to the Old Fire Station events page, this way.

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