I had the great pleasure of talking to Tayo Aluko, who stars in “Call Mr Robeson“, a one man show this Thursday 30th October at the Old Fire Station.

Most people, if they know the name Paul Robeson at all, connect him with the musical Showboat and it’s most popular song “Ole Man River,” but asides from being a well known performer of Negro Spirituals and folk songs, and an actor, his interaction with Welsh  Coal Miners during the filming of The Proud Valley lead to a radicalisation of his political beliefs which would ultimately end up with him appearing before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee during the McCarthy communist witch-hunts, depression and a suicide attempt.

In this half-hour interview I discuss the life of Robeson and find out how investigating and inhabiting the life of this influential black activist has in turn influenced the life of ex-architect Tayo Aluko.

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