Our Place is an exhibition by Crisis artists, which will open on 16 November. Artist Jordan Vanderhyde is keeping a blog – here’s what he has said so far.

I have been in conjunction with a professional artist and working on this fantastic concept. To look at the spaces used by the charities Arts at the Old Fire Station, and Crisis. To gain some insight in how the spaces within this inquisitive building are used, leading to an exhibition of our work in the main gallery in November.

The work itself has allowed freedom of all the artists and Crisis clients that have contributed so far. In the images bellow I have started to post some of our ideas we have been exploring. So far we have been using light to explore the different areas of the building. As well as taking moulds using various materials.

Doing this process helps us collect the grime, dust and art materials left behind in the various spaces of the building. We have told the cleaners to leave certain spaces for our research although not always to great effect.

So today I fear no evil…. I had my last day in the arts training scheme at AOFS. The team there do massively important work helping up-and-coming artists like me and many more. They showed me the ropes and gave me some important experience in the selection processes around installing exhibitions.

As a team they was so welcoming and I often felt bewildered at the level of professionalism but they made me feel at ease at every turn. Their work in the galleries are some of the best in Oxford. Ranging all different styles of art from new artists to massive companies. They showed me about the calendar of exhibitions, theatre shows and off beat and lemonade festivals.

All round the team are blessed as they did me a great justice getting me involved. I got some valuable experience in the arts and showed where to take my work next. What’s sweet is their connections with the Crisis charities as well as that’s how I got involved. They give underprivileged people like me a chance to build confidence and self esteem.

Find out more about the Our Place exhibition, and how we work with people facing tough times.