Content warnings

A content warning is a verbal or written warning that something contains content that may cause a strong negative emotional response or which a person might find distressing. The aim of content warnings is to allow the reader or audience to make an informed choice on what they would like to see.

Using content warnings allows people to prepare themselves adequately or to choose to enjoy something else.

Content warnings can be used on social media, articles, radio, podcasts, books or in this case for shows or live performances. Content warnings do not necessarily mean that the subject or content is explored in great depth, they are still used be on topics that are touched upon or mentioned in passing.

Below is a list of all content warnings that we are aware of, for upcoming shows.

Please note that this may not be completely comprehensive, as we are not always made aware of content warnings by the shows which come here. If you have concerns about a particular show, or a trigger that you would like to ask the company about, just let us know and we will find out more for you: alexandra.coke{@}

Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale – contains one brief reference to sexual violence.

Sofie Hagen: The Bumswing – references to sexual violence.

It’ll Be Alt-Right On The Night – references to drug use and depression.

Too Pretty To Punch – references to suicide and street harassment.

Juliette Burton: Defined – references to mental illness and eating disorders.

Ladykiller – strong language, adult content. This play contains complex themes of murder, assault and abuses of power, graphic visual representations of blood, and graphic descriptions of violence and autopsy.

Consent (at Modern Art Oxford) – consistent references to rape and sexual assault.

Thunder Road – a recurring theme of domestic violence.

The Glass Will Shatter – brief mentions of violence, self-harm, domestic abuse, homophobia and Islamophobia.

Medicine’s Monstrous Daughters – please bear the subject matter of the plays in mind when booking for this show. Enquire for more details about specific triggers if needed.

See-Through – this show contains strong language, references to sex and drug use.