Our people

The Team

We are all currently working remotely (see our Coronavirus statement here). Please e-mail us, as we do not have direct telephone access. Those people with numbers below are reachable by telephone.

Director: Jeremy Spafford | jeremy.spafford[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Deputy Director: Becca Vallins | becca.vallins[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Marketing & Programming Manager: Alexandra Coke | alexandra.coke[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Bookings & Administration Manager: Becs Morris | bookings[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Inclusion Manager: Sarah Cassidy | sarah.cassidy[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Inclusion Administrator: Darran Ijada | darren.ijada[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Shop Manager: Harriet Peacock | shop[@]oldfirestation.org.uk | harriet.peacock[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Exhibitions & Workshops Manager: Amy Beddow | amy.beddow[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Technical Manager: Rachel Luff | rachel.luff[@]oldfirestation.org.uk | 01865 263983

Technical Theatre Coordinator: Danny Owen | danny.owen[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Development Manager: Justine Malone | justine.malone[@]oldfirestation.org.uk | 01865 263995

Front of House Coordinator | Shop & Box Office Coordinator: Tom Radclyffe | tom.radclyffe[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Front of House Coordinator | Volunteer Coordinator: Emma Cox | emma.cox[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Administration Assistant (Finance): Emma Joynson | emma.joynson[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Administration Assistant (Bookings): Chris Michael | chris.michael[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Administration Assistant (HR & Operations): Elaine Hadfield | elaine.hadfield[@]oldfirestation.org.uk

Front of House staff: Adam English, Andrew Jones, Jonny Dagnell, Lucy Hoult, Steph Spreadborough, Steve Hay and Zuhura Plummer

The Board

Andrew Fairweather-Tall
Bea Theakston
Caroline Boon
David Rossington CB (Treasurer)
Guy Gadney (Chair)
James Baldwin
Katariina Valkeinen
Lucy Mangua
Paula Redway (Oxford City Council observer)
Vicky Graham (Vice Chair)

We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers, who make our shows and projects possible.