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A guide to using storytelling to evaluate impact

The guide to our Storytelling Evaluation Methodology

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ICON Evaluation Report

A report on the ICON project, 2019. An exhibition of iconic British photographs recreated by Rory Carnegie and artists who have experienced homelessness.

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ICON Stories

Stories collected as part of the ICON project, 2019.

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Three-tier ticket prices - 12 month report

In May 2019 we changed the way we charge for tickets. This report sums up how it went, after the first year.

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Our Place: A project report from AOFS

A report on the Our Place project, which brought professional artists and Crisis artists together to create an exhibition in 2018.

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Our Place: Stories from the Old Fire Station

Stories collected from the Our Place project, 2018.

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Accounts 2018

Trustee report and financial statements for 2018.

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Looking For Change: Stories From The Old Fire Station

A report on understanding the impact of an organisation using a very different method: storytelling.

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Old Fire Station stories

The full text of the stories in the Looking For Change report.

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Accounts 2017

Trustee report and financial statements for 2017.

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Hidden Spire 2016-17 evaluation

The 2017 Hidden Spire show was called Sawdust, a play written, directed, performed and designed by professional and homeless artists.

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Public space: Looking for meaning

Research into the significance of public space at the Old Fire Station.

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Accounts 2016

Trustee report and financial statements for 2016.

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2016 Impact report

A report on the impact of our programmes bringing together homeless people and emerging artists.

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2016 Artists survey: a summary of findings

In December 2015, we carried out a survey of artists involved in the Old Fire Station's work to determine how and how far contact with us was supporting their creative and career development.

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2016: ShedSpace exhibition evaluation report

The ShedSpace project took place December 2015 - May 2016, and celebrated the role of the humble garden shed in the creative industries, past and present.

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Accounts 2015

Trustee report and financial statements for 2015.

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2015: Arts Training Scheme impact report

The Arts Training Scheme aims to enable homeless people to develop competencies relevant to the creative industries, as well as skills transferable to other sectors.

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Hidden Spire 2014-15 impact report

Our major arts project with Crisis clients is Hidden Spire, a theatre piece devised and performed by clients alongside a professional creative team.

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October 2015: Vessels exhibition evaluation report

Vessels was a collaboration between Arts at the Old Fire Station (AOFS), Crisis Skylight Oxford (Crisis) and the Pitt Rivers Museum (PRM) to create an exhibition with Crisis members.

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Retrospective evaluation report

This report captures the learning from the first three years of Arts at the Old Fire Station to help inform future planning and build a robust evaluation framework.

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