Tickets & refund policy

Ticket information

A three-tier system

Instead of the full price/concession model, we have a three-tier ticket pricing system:

  • Standard: This is the regular ticket price.
  • Pay more: For those who can afford to help us offer cheaper tickets to people who need them.
  • Pay less: For those who can’t afford the standard price.

This asks people to select which price they pay not based on their age or education, but based on what they can afford to spend.

Please pick the price which is the best fit for you.

A note on donations

The ‘pay more’ option goes to the performing company and helps subsidise cheaper tickets. To make a donation to Arts at the Old Fire Station to help us support artists and include people facing tough times, please speak to the box office. If you would like to become a Friend of the Old Fire Station, click here.


Patrons with a disability are eligible for one free companion ticket to accompany their booking. To book this, contact the ticket office: or 01865 263990. If you are a wheelchair user, please book a ‘wheelchair user’ ticket so that we can prepare our auditorium.

Refunds and exchanges

Can I get a refund for my ticket? 

If you ask for a refund 15 days or more before an event: yes!* 

If you ask for a refund within 14 days (two weeks) of an event: 

  • We will attempt to re-sell your ticket to another customer, if the event sells out 
  • If we can’t re-sell your ticket, we can’t offer you a refund. This is to make sure that the artist does not lose out on ticket income. 

Can my friend come instead of me? 

Yes! Either ask the ticket office staff to transfer your ticket to your friend, or just send your friend the e-ticket for them to use. 

I can’t come to the event I’ve booked for, but there’s something else I want to see. Can I exchange my ticket for another show? 

If you contact us 15 days or more before the show you have a ticket for: yes! We’ll exchange your booking for another event at the same price. If the event you want to attend is more expensive, you’ll need to pay the difference. 

If I’m late to a show, can I have my money back? 

We’re afraid not. This is because we can’t re-sell your ticket, so if we gave your money back then the artist would lose out on the income from that ticket. 

If you’re late for a show which is part of a series, we can exchange your ticket for an event which is part of that series. E.g. if you are late to the Monday night performance of The Tempest, but the show is running until Saturday, you can exchange your ticket for any other night of that show. 

What about Covid-19 isolation? 

If you have Covid-19, or need to isolate, please contact the ticket office. 


* If you booked for the event 180 days (about 6 months) ago, refunds can only be processed in person. This is due to our payment software. 

Three-tier ticket prices - 12 month report

Want to know how our first year of the three-tier ticket pricing model went? Read our short report to find out what effect it's had.

(pdf @ 130.75 KB)