Damascus Rose Kitchen

Damascus Rose Kitchen is a social enterprise serving up delicious Middle Eastern food, while supporting refugee women in the city. Find out all about them at their website.

“Like roses that die in the winter and grow in spring, our winter was in Syria, when war started. It was dark and we were surrounded by destruction. When we decided to travel to look for safety for our families, it was a long journey with many barriers, including loss of loved ones, saying goodbye to our beloved home and not knowing when or if we will meet again.

When we arrived, we a had a new identity- that of a refugee, a vulnerable group, deserving of pity. Making us feel weak, nervous and separate. We were asking ourselves “how are we going to re-build our life here and ever feel at HOME?”

Then came the spring, Nuha Abdo – our director, started a weekly group for Syrian women. To help and support each other. We started to cook for our community, to introduce them to our culture and make friends. We started to feel that we could build a life and be proud of our culture and our journey. We realised that we have more in common than that which divides us.”