Join Sunshine Yoga Club for yoga classes at the Old Fire Station!

Our classes do not have a specific level – they are inclusive of everyone. Rather than thinking about our ability with respect to other people, we focus on what we need on the day. Everyone is invited to take what they need from class. Therefore, you can join any class even if you have never practiced in a studio, or if you can’t touch your toes. That doesn’t matter to us or for the practice of yoga. Being kind and compassionate to yourself is one of our philosophies!

When you visit us, you can expect grounding, warm-ups, guided breath work and options to make the class a bit harder if you feel you need an active hour.

Feel free to visit our website for more information on what we’re about, where to find us, and what happens in the studio. Every class has a teacher and a studio assistant, so you can arrive 15 minutes before class to ask them your questions if you have any.

Please pre-book classes on our website. Bring your own mat and a water bottle if you need. Dressing in comfy clothes is advised.

Find us on social media:
Instagram: @sunshineyogaclub
Facebook: Sunshine Yoga Club Oxford