Support the Old Fire Station.

We are an arts centre in central Oxford presenting great shows, exhibitions and classes for the public.

We support early career and untrained artists to make and promote their work.

We help homeless people build confidence and skills by being part of what we do as audience, trainees, volunteers and artists.

‘The Old Fire Station has brought hope and soul to Oxford’- A homeless person who volunteers at the Old Fire Station

Arts Council England will match your donation!

If you give us a pound and GiftAid it, we receive £2.25. And so, through the power of maths:

£10 = £22.50

£50 = £112.50

£100 = £225.00

You can give to our core costs to keep us open, or you can choose a specific project to support:

Arts at the Old Fire Station

Donate to support local emerging artists, and build the confidence and skills of homeless people

Arts at Old Fire Station is a unique charity. No other arts organisation in the UK has such a close relationship with Crisis, helping homeless people to develop confidence and skills, whilst simultaneously supporting artistic talent in our theatre and exhibition space, and facilitating a crossover between the two. Here, a homeless person can be an artist, volunteer, or audience member. Some are now members of staff.

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Arts Training Scheme with Crisis UK

Donate to create training and work opportunities for Crisis Skylight members through the arts.

The Arts Training Scheme creates training and work opportunities for Crisis Skylight members through the arts. Each placement is bespoke and designed around the trainees’ interests, ambitions, skills and aptitudes. ATS participants gain increased confidence and resilience, skills and work attitudes, and follow-on achievement of jobs, volunteering and education.

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To help ensure that we can continue to uphold the quality of our artistic programming, offer free tickets to homeless people, and help artists on their journeys.