There is a place not so far from here
Somewhere in the in-between
Somewhere in the gap, between the end and the beginning.

Sometimes I go there and adventure across it.

It tells me stories
I listen

And I build it.

Adventuring into the soft-verged concepts of the place and the pre-place, the visible and the invisible, the temporal and the timeless; Emma Moxey posits herself as an abstract explorer and quasi-mapmaker.

The territory is one of chaotic marking, and loose gesture, and it’s easy to get lost. She plans her path. She lays down the rules. She brings it to order.

Equipped with a set of fine drawing tools and a language of signs and symbols, the landmarks of place are found and extracted, and a fantastical world, colonised with ideas, codes, structures and painterly systems, comes into being.

Shifting yet balanced, fluid yet concrete, the images’ themes and schematics adhere to form an unworldly, intricate and interwoven topography, existing somewhere between idea and thought, being and becoming, place and space.