Over the last ten years, visual artist Jayne Wilton has created a body of work that explores the act of breathing. Her installations, drawings, videos and sculptures make visible the ephemeral human breath.

Wilton’s immersive and subtle works depict various breathing gestures and interrogate overlooked dynamics in unconscious and automatic human processes, using uses traditional and non-traditional drawing materials to capture the fragility and resilience of the breath.

‘And Breathe…’ is a welcome, novel exhibition. Seeing our exhalations expressed as explosions of colour, sinewy and frantic, yet stubbornly persistent, is absolutely a breath of fresh air. The visitor is left with the impression that Jayne Wilton follows you out of the exhibition, whispering thoughtfully, “Look: every breath takes up space. This is the contribution you make every day – not only to the world, but to art.” The Oxford Student. Click here to read the full review.