OVADA Professional Development Award artists Sebastian Thomas and Nancy Dewhurst present Fly Tipping.

The artists decided to use the exhibition as an opportunity to collaborate. Whilst on the surface their practices seem quite different, both artists use a version of ‘collage’ in the development of their work. For Thomas this is through printmaking, layering cut paper, and assembling found objects. For Dewhurst, the process involves collecting and layering different thoughts, forms and snippets of language and information, allowing them mutate and evolve as she works.

Working across different cities, and exchanging ideas and images through email, the artists will collaboratively accumulate a body of material. They will use this material as the basis for an abstract visual narrative, developing a series of objects and props that will ultimately be presented as a film and installation at the exhibition.

Join us on Thursday 12 September for the exhibition opening, 6pm – 8pm.

Collage For Sculpture Workshop
Saturday 14 September, 2pm – 4pm
Parallel to their exhibition Fly TippingNancy Dewhurst and Sebastian Thomas will lead a workshop in how you can use collage to create sculpture. Participants will be shown how the process of collaging with paper can be a useful vehicle with which to dream up new objects and sculptures.
£10, click here to book or ring 01865 263990.

Sebastian Thomas (b. 1986) is an artist whose practice spans printmaking, collage, drawing, sculpture and installation. Central to his work are the processes of collage and assemblage, a strategy that allows him to interrogate the functions of language and how it informs our understanding of the world. Recent
exhibitions include The Weather Garden: Anne Hardy curates the Arts Council Collection at Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, Wild Service at Kingsgate Project Space, London, A Casual Texture at Outset Contemporary Arts, London and Troglodyte Antiphon at Intercession Gallery, Northampton.

Nancy Dewhurst (b.1994) is an intermedia artist working across; sculpture, installation, film, and community involvement. Her works are frequently interactive and respond to the context of a given site. Play is integral to both her working process and finished artworks, and she aims to make art that is accessible and engaging. Dewhurst graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2018, and has exhibited and been an artist in residence in the UK, US, Romania, Czech Republic and Portugal. She will shortly be taking part in an experimental art residency in rural Finland.

With thanks to Broad Canvas.