Colour is pervasive. A prominent aspect in our lives, it occupies both the background and foreground: it is a constant. Hue explores colour as something inextricably ingrained into our personal and cultural identities, something both subjective and universal.

Throughout human history colour has been assigned material and metaphorical values. It seeps into everything we see and do. Our understanding of colour blends human experience and science. It is a beacon of the divine; part of the fabric of language and symbolism; a tool and a material derived directly from nature and synthetically created.

Despite colour’s ubiquity, through our understanding and experiences, and through human manipulation and technology, our relationship with it will always be in flux.

Three Oxford-based artists, Jack Eden, Catherine Watson, Nick Wood, respond to these themes through a new series of artworks as well as a programme of films, talks and workshops enhancing our appreciation and understanding of something that is conspicuously with us every day.