The Art Room is a charity working with children and young people in Oxfordshire, London and Edinburgh, using art as a medium for therapeutic work.

In Oxfordshire there are ‘Art Rooms’ permanently based in schools in East Oxford, Blackbird Leys and Didcot and 15 neighbouring schools also access the service. Children and young people are referred to The Art Room by school staff who identify a need for structured, nurturing support. In the last year The Art Room worked with over 360 children in Oxfordshire.

As concerns about children’s mental health rocket, the Art Room is helping to address this by harnessing the power of art, to engage, spark imagination and connect with others. The Art Room’s results speak for themselves. In the last year 70% of children and young people who were referred to The Art Room with severe difficulties experienced an improvement in their mental health.

This is an exhibition of ‘self-portrait clocks’, a project we regularly do with our children and young people. The project enables the maker to think about themselves and their identity. It celebrates difference and diversity at the same time as commonality. When the group finish their project they take home a robust, working clock to remind them of their achievement and value as individuals.

These particular clocks have been made by groups of children from the Orchard Meadow Art Room, Oxford Spires Art Room and Didcot Art Room.

We are very proud of them.