‘And on entering the house everything took on new meaning, each object screamed of the emptiness her loss had left. The dirty plate with toast crumbs in the sink, which she had planned to wash on her return, became a holy relic. The sewing box a shrine to the ripped knees and lost buttons of adventures had, and her jewellery an archive of the stories of her past. Even the dust on the windowsills and the patterns on the net curtains became a museum to the beautiful everyday of a life lived.’

Remembering Margaret is a body of work created after the sudden death of the artists grandmother-in-law, Margaret-Rose. Moved by the intimacy of sorting through Margaret’s possessions and the magic of the objects to hold the stories of her life, a process of obsessive documentation unfolded.

The resulting series mixes cyanotype print with family photographs, playing with the alchemy of the light, object and memory with deep blues and painterly gestures.