Hugh Pryor is a visual artist who originally trained in animation, whose work includes drawing, installation, performance art and photography.

Hugh is concerned with the challenge of capturing movement as a still subject both for landscape, figurative and performance works.

His experimental photography practice began when he discovered the slit scan process which records the passage of time in the visual form and distorts spacial geometry.

Using long exposure photography, he has developed unique techniques to record lines and shapes from luminous objects, lasers and reflected light.

Long exposures reveal what the eye cannot see by capturing traces of light and also reveal the higher dimension of time which we only experience fleetingly. Hugh’s techniques allow the viewer to blend time and space.

Hugh observes that the only other place in the universe where space and time swap over like this is inside the event horizon of a black hole.

Hugh’s work is influenced by the writings of Stephen Hawking and Kurt Vonnegut.