An interactive Installation, Broken Home is an eclectic collection of discarded and donated household objects spanning the last 100 years. Interlocking, timber-framed cubes construct a sense of Home; everyday objects housed within it, are suspended and placed as if from memory or dream, inviting the viewer to establish connections of their own.

Established in 2010, Broken Home began as a collaboration between 3rd year students of Interior Architecture, and was first exhibited at Oxford Brookes University as part of the 2010 Built Environment Graduate Show. It has since been developed by Brookes Graduate Cait Sweeney (Interior Architecture – Design and Practice) in collaboration with other artists and members of the Public.

The Broken Home Collection engages the viewer in a narrative, capturing the imagination and evoking a sense of personal history, the collection process is on-going and anyone is welcome to participate by donating an object and/or an anecdotal memory, this will be absorbed into the collection and exhibited at a later date. This exhibition is part of Oxfordshire Artweek. Crisis Skylight Members are also running an exhibition in the Cafe that uses similar themes.