More than landscape, this is an exhibition about feeling and experience. Of environments that are not quite home but not strange either. Encompassing displacement, otherness and a striving to nest in new places, Rachel’s paintings gather fragments of personal history taking us from a blazing heatwave to a bitter winter and everything in between including the smell of wet pavement and autumn leaf mulch.

Rachel’s process is experiential, taking in impressions and memories as much as it does sketches and scribbled records. Contrasts of texture, tone, shape and line interrupt the conversation between mark making and white space. There is a dance between application and reduction until a destination is arrived at, allowing historical layers of paint to peak out from beneath the surface.

Elemental forces, long ago voices echoing from a tangle of weeds, the drift of early morning fog and the harsh screech of a bird of prey rising on the thermal. These things becoming scratched paint, a scribble of pastel or a swirl of misty grey. Reworked, filtered through the body in an act of remembering and homecoming.


Abstract Landscapes in Ink and Wash 
Saturday 29 June, 2pm
Using expressive mark making, ink and unique tools, you will create landscapes and abstractifying them. You will be shown a variety of approaches to drawing as well as capturing tone and atmosphere. Be prepared to work fast and loose!
Tickets: £10. Click here.