This exhibition showcases the best entries to the Think Human photography competition.  The themes were: Identity, Empowerment, Provocation and Empathy and the competition was open to all, with categories of alumni, under 18 and over 18.  The competition is part of the Think Human Festival which takes place in May 2018.

The panel of judges includes David Fisher (founder of Fisher Studios), Sarah Wiseman (owner/director of Sarah Wiseman Gallery) and renowned London artist Jenny Cordy.

The Think Human Festival will highlight the work of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences’ researchers.  We invite you to join us for a week of talks, debates, activities, and performances covering topics as diverse and divisive as Brexit, dangerous speech, the nature of oppression, protest songs, and craft-activism.  You can add your voice to discussions on society’s fascination with murder, educating for emotional resilience, creative writing, sensory art and the history of magic.

Think Human Festival aims to engage our communities, to provide opportunities to reflect on the importance of understanding ourselves as human beings and scrutinising our relationships with others to find ways of withstanding the challenges we face as part of a changing society in a complex world.

Test your assumptions, expand your perspectives, explore human identities, and let Think Human empower and inspire you.