Trash is largely considered to be unsightly and the bane of anyone who has to clear it up, but can it also be beautiful?

Michael Goldrei’s ‘Trashtopia’ series aims to prove that when you look hard enough, pavements become the Pompidou and Trash cans Tate Modern.

This is street photography of the street itself.

Goldrei says: “While travelling through Cuba at the end of 2016, I started noticing discarded items that looked very different to those back home on the streets of England. I decided to see whether the trash of a given place can show some of the character of the location in which it is found.

What surprised me is that, once I started looking at the items others wanted to get rid of, I became addicted to staring at the ground. Inanimate objects seemed to be able to tell tales of humour, politics, culture, and joy or sadness.”