Trio draws together engaging new works by the three winners of this year’s OVADA Professional Development Award. With the support of expert mentors and Arts at the Old Fire Station, the artists have crafted an exhibition that moves between medias to encompass drawings, pen-and-ink work, and digitally engineered paintings.

G K Field explores found imagery via a compelling combination of digital manipulation and painting.

Ellen Love uses drawing to examine the similar and opposing aspects of artistic processes in dialogue with one another.

Alexandra Pullen invites us to reflect on notions of place and reality by entering into an intricate web of objects, drawings and words.

G K Field

The language of painting and is dissected and considered in art that fashions something new from found imagery. Taking existing human and organic structures as source material, G K Field uses a combination of digital and hand-painted effects to provoke questions of place.

Ellen Love

Discipline and process are explored in drawings that find their origins in the methods of other art forms. Working from the pages of ceramicists’ manuals and other materials, Ellen Love creates delicate works that examine the relationships between ideas, objects and different practices.

Alexandra Pullen

Any number of worlds and realities may be evoked when exploring this careful arrangement of words, objects and pen-and-ink images. By engaging with Alexandra Pullen’s recurrent symbols and narrative threads, viewers may be led to consider their own place within the work’s intricate and involving web.