I N K Oxford (formerly known as the Roar Arts Collective) is a enterprise that empowers adults with disabilities to to increase their financial freedoms, self-respect and independence through creativity. Working in alongside artist mentors, I N K Oxford is a social enterprise model that provides engaging and dignified ways for individuals to give back to their community through the arts and entrepreneurialism .

Ways Of Seeing celebrates the discussion around disability in the lead-up to the ROAR Inclusive Arts Festival. The collective have been working with Julia Utreras, a printmaker who runs Oxford-based independant printing press Common Books.

This exhibition touches upon the idea of ‘perception’ in both in art and around ideas of the sociocultural understanding around disability. Inspired by John Berger’s book Ways of Seeing, this series of works will be responding to themes such as ableism politics/privilege/class/capitalism/gender which all are sadly very much still relevant today. Our large scale mix media wall hanging in the theatre entrance space will be comprised from a series of a 6 week exploration around the subject of disability.