Donate to Hidden Spire 2021

Art is for everyone. Everyone has potential.

The Hidden Spire project enables people facing tough times – who are homeless or have experience of homelessness – to make high quality theatre with professional artists for the public.

You can make the project happen again in 2021 by donating below. We need just £12,000 from our friends to secure the project.

The whole process costs £100,000. We think it’s worth every penny – but we need you to make it a reality.

Hidden Spire features in the film Life Is A Circus by Jo Elliot, which aired on BBC Four in 2019. Click here to watch it for free.

Please note – we use different systems for tickets and for donations. Our donations are processed by Enthuse (formerly Charity Checkout) – registering takes a minute or so, or you may already be registered with them. If you experience any problems, just let us know by emailing and we will help you. Thank you.

Five minutes before the opening curtain, that was the best part. You can see that anticipation of performance, seeing the darkened expanse of the audience before you. They’re all on the edge of their seats. The sense that something is about to happen, that is the best part. – Martin, Hidden Spire Participant