ICON was a collaborative project between Arts at the Old Fire Station and Crisis Skylight Oxford. The project brought together Crisis members – people with experience of homelessness – to work in collaboration with internationally renowned photographer Rory Carnegie to recreate and exhibit a series of iconic photographs.

The exhibition took place at the Old Fire Station, 15 November – 23 December 2019.

Evaluation report

How do we understand the impact of ICON? We asked people to tell us their stories. See what we found out.

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ICON Stroies

Stories of how ICON impacted 11 people involved in the project.

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To help us understand the impact of ICON, we asked people who took part to tell us about the project. How did it affect their life? Why was it important to them? The stories were recorded, transcriped and then edited down to shorter versions – aiming to keep the teller’s ‘voice’ (using their own words).

These are the stories we collected. Where possible, they are read by the tellers. Some are read by actors. See above for the full text of each story.