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Kirsty Hillyer & Adrienne Frances have worked in the arts sector for more than 20 years. Their original focus was on participatory arts: working with all different kinds of people to explore an issue using creative activities.

‘Frilly’ began as a play on their surnames – Frances and Hillyer.  Working with people in the arts, they got tired of everything having to be so serious and worthy, and they wanted to retain some emphasis on playfulness in their work which they believe the name ‘Frilly’ embodies.  (They also think it’s quite hilarious, as they can both be subversive, challenging and unconventional – perhaps the antithesis of ‘frilly’?!)

Throughout their careers they’ve revelled in opportunities to learn new creative skills – from operating Bertha (their laser cutter), to lampworking bright and bold glass pieces, to brushing up on their life drawing skills, to figuring out how to use iPads creatively in their workflow.  They’ve kept making and doing and tinkering and playing – and they finally decided they needed an outlet for all of these things.