Georgie is a storyteller and theatre performer. She loves the visual and physical aspects of storytelling (originally she trained in corporeal mime). She has worked in pre schools, in primary schools, in the community, and at many events and festivals.

Georgie is also the mum of two sons who have a degenerative disability. Her long term project is to explore and share her experiences as a mum and carer through storytelling, and to help other people to do the same. She’ll pair performances of her biographical storytelling show ‘Pig v. Wolf’ with ‘Wolf Be Gone!’, a series of arts workshops for carers.

Most recently, Georgie’s been really caught up with how to make oral storytelling work on film: how to get it to leap through the screen. She’s made a series of storytelling videos, including ‘Lockdown Cinderella’ for ‘Lights Up’, and leads live online storytelling courses to help people find and tell their own stories.

In 2022, Georgie was awarded seed funding as part of Offbeat Festival.

Lights Up commission

In 2020, Georgie was commissioned as part of Lights Up in November 2020 to create a piece of work on the theme of ‘relationships’.

In these times it’s more important than ever that we all make opportunities to tell and listen to each other’s stories, as a way of making sense of our experiences, finding connections with each other and appreciating our differences.

Carers have many, differing stories to tell about lockdown.

With this commission from the OFS, I invited other carers to a series of three online biographical storytelling workshops. Together we found, shared and shaped our true-life lockdown tales Some of us turned our stories into fairy tales, as a way of opening them up to more people. Then we filmed them.

And that’s ‘Lockdown Cinderella’! We hope you enjoy it.