Jenni Lee was commissioned as part of Lights Up 2021, our programme of online art. Five artists were paid £500 to create new work. Find out more.

Jenni is a freelance prop maker and scenic artist from the North East of England. She has created props, sets, puppets and interactive installations for various theatres, theme parks and attractions across the UK. Specialising in fun creative designs, Jenni has a passion for wacky larger than life creations to promote creativity, playfulness and imagination. 

Lights Up

I created two colourful, comically oversized telephones connected with a long textured flexible cord. This interactive piece encourages fun open communication and carefree playfulness.

We have all experienced a stressful and traumatic year, with seemingly never-ending bad news. I am creating the telephones to encourage friends, neighbours and complete strangers to communicate safely with each other, to laugh, play and think about something else for a little while. With this piece I hope to spread a little bit of happiness and much needed comedy relief.