2019 exhibition: Capturing Our Creativity


“Draw a story in lines, plot its progress in oils,
and bring the conflict to a head with brush strokes.” – Kamal Lathar

Meet LiterArties: a group of Oxfordshire writer-artists, all published and exhibiting. Some are professional artists, others are skilled amateurs. Each is passionate about capturing creativity through different mediums.

As artists, their joint exhibition encompasses a vast range of styles, subject matter and mediums. As writers, they cover a diverse list of subjects – from local history to transgenderism, psychological thrillers to children’s stories, gritty life to romantic escapism, and esoteric symbolism.

Collectively, they are not only writers and artists, but also teachers, mentors, publishers and actively working in many other non-arts related professions. They not only bring a wealth of knowledge, personal perspective, enthusiasm and experience of life, people, and art to their work, but are all passionate about sharing their knowledge and the skills to help others.

Their mission is to encourage others to capture their creativity too. How many people have you heard say, ‘Oh, I can’t draw!’ or, ‘But I could never write a book…’? LiterArties challenge that through demonstrating how they do both in their creative and everyday lives.

Artists who exhibited in the 2019 exhibition:

  • Karen French
  • Debrah Martin
  • Rosie Phipps
  • Kamal Lathar
  • Kay Jamieson
  • Alan Kestner
  • Maeve Bayton
  • Dennis Hamley
  • Ann Spokes Symonds
  • Ann Warren