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MuffatPrague started life as a sonic and visual arts blog in 2011.

After a lifetime’s love of the letterform, all things typographic and a couple of decades of working in creative spheres, they decided to start hand-crafting pieces from recycled wood and plenty of elbow grease at their studio in 2014, and started producing theiroriginal illustrative giclee prints in 2016.

Entirely hand made not laser cut, the pieces are sanded, painted & waxed at their home workshop, using locally sourced, reclaimed wood. The original prints are inspired by things we love and the pieces we make.

Their work is painted using Dorset-made Farrow and Ball eco-friendly Eggshell Estate Emulsions, because of their unrivalled depth of colour and child & pet safe eco-friendly water based formulation.

Each piece is sealed and polished with beeswax from neighbouring Brightwell hives in Oxfordshire.