Lights Up commission

Naomi was commissioned as part of Lights Up in November 2020 to create a piece of work on the theme of ‘relationships’.

As an individual I’ve been craving art which depicts big feelings in daily life, in ways that are playful, intimate and contemplative. I’ve created four ‘Letters To Hope’ – spoken word vlogs. Each letter shows a different phase in my friendship with Hope, explores the human connection to Hope, and reflects the different ways such a huge feeling can manifest in our every day lives.”


Naomi is a theatre-maker, writer and actor. She creates work which explores how big feelings manifest in our everyday lives.

Most recently Naomi has created Dear Hope, a four part series of digital letters to Hope, commissioned for Lights Up.

Naomi was commissioned by Creative Barking and Dagenham to create Bridge Explorers, a series of missions for 5 – 8 year olds. These missions centred on the theme of building bridges and exploring the spaces where we live. Naomi created vlog content that set and demonstrated a range of activities: from arts and crafts to creative writing missions too!

Naomi’s work in progress Blindsided was selected for Engine Room at Omnibus. Blindsided combines the supernatural with gritty reality as it explores what happens when your chosen family no longer chooses you.

Naomi’s award winning spoken word short Criteria (a TEAfilms production) explores how losing someone you love can affect your cultural identity. It is the companion piece to Naomi’s theatre show Motherland, a dark comedy which explores mixed race identity.

Keep in touch with Naomi via her website or via Twitter @NaomiJoseph_