Oxford Theatre Guild (OTG) is Oxfordshire’s largest and longest-established amateur theatre company, founded in 1954 and producing everything from theatrical classics (done traditonally or given a radical modern twist!) to contemporary drama, and we endeavour to achieve professional standards. Our productions have included playwrights from Shakespeare to American greats Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, works in translation from Frederico Garcia Lorca and Nikolai Gogol, adaptations of Jane Austen, devised pieces, and many others.

OTG has been performing regularly at the OFS theatre since 1991, including the first theatrical production in its current incarnation as AOFS in 2011 (Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore). As a charity, OTG supports community-oriented projects in theatre through the provision of expertise, equipment, and grants, as well as the support and training of members through our own productions.

Our members come from all over Oxfordshire and beyond, and auditions for our four annual productions are open to non-members (those taking part in productions are expected to join OTG for a small subscription).

To get involved, please visit our website.