Visual artist



Paul Majek was commissioned as part of Lights Up 2021, our programme of online art. Five artists were paid £500 to create new work. Find out more.

Paul Majek studied at The Royal Drawing School.

“Community is the soul of all my art work, the experiences I have gained from living within my communities, it is what drives my creativity. I love to explore people in different spaces, particularly people in a local community which is South east London, Peckham.

Equal representation is one of the biggest influencing factors in my creative process. Being British Nigerian living in today’s world. I’m always searching for people I see myself within. Representation in the art world is needed. I hope to be an example of a young British Nigerian man in the art world, for someone from a similar background to me. To see what ever I’m capable of doing is very possible for them too.”

Lights Up

I love how this project is allowing me to evaluate connection and relationships, exploring people in different spaces is very important to me, currently many of us are in the space of our homes. Separate from our communities and longing for connection again, this is what my work conveys.