Within my work I predominantly explore therapeutic arts, inclusive practice and how the design of spaces/experiences can empower marginalised and disempowered communities. I work with watercolour, gouache, timber, reclamation and fabric materials to create pieces both on the page and off; the artistic outcomes can be illustrative, experiential, architectural or scenic.

My studio at Arts at the Old Fire Station provides a much needed melting pot for the different aspects of my work. I often describe this space as a sanctuary, a place where helpful connections can be made between the conceptual side of both my professional design practice and my personal artistic one. I will find myself sat in my comfy chair planting the seeds of the next venture and then I’ll go to my desk upon the impulse to start making – no plan, only for the sake of making; one nourishes the other.

I navigate the tricky aspects of life through my personal art practice, my canvas is the place to confide in. Collaborative endeavours might subtly air grievances, exploring ‘what can be done’, connecting people within common causes. My design practice is led by the social model for disability and is informed by collective wellbeing and place-making. Oftentimes the design process is born out of collaboration or artworks that are co-created with artists/ members of the community for whom the space or experience is intended for.

Current commissions include –  Exhibition Design Consultant Small Worlds The Story Museum. Lead Workshop Practitioner I N K Oxford’s Picture A World. I N K Oxford is a collective of artists whose practice is informed and empowered by the social model for disability.

2019 exhibition: Practice – A Collective Conversation