Lights Up commission

Sabrina was commissioned as part of Lights Up in November 2020 to create a piece of work on the theme of ‘relationships’.

Sabrina has written a theatre piece for Zoom, performed 11 & 12 December 2020.

At an intergenerational gathering of the women in her family, a night before her wedding, bride to be Namatama partakes in age old ritual, receiving no holds barred wisdoms of sexual satisfaction every bride should know. New to this club she will also be entrusted with secrets. But with an age old family rift, should all secrets be told? 

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Sabrina Richmond is an Oxford-based emerging Writer, Director & Performer with a background in journalism.

Following undertaking the Intro to Directing course sponsored by The North Wall, she has directed work shown at venues such as The Space (online), Southwark Playhouse, Theatro Technis, Pleasance as well as Lion and Unicorn. Writing credits: short plays, Genetic Beauty online, My Cape is Invisible (Pleasance Theatre), Hands off my womb! (Chapel Playhouse) and a one act: An African in the Snow (LABS program, Pleasance Theatre) and most recently A Black Story (Applecart Arts).

She’s a Tamasha Theatre Playwright 2019/20, developing a play exploring inherited trauma across three generations set in a cabin in the countryside. The Space theatre has also sponsored her on a bespoke playwrighting opportunity. As Oxford Playhouse Evolve Artist 2020/21 she’s developing a piece around a 40-year-old woman though satisfied by her solo clitoral orgasms decides to embark on a journey to explore desire with another body after 1825 days flying solo.