2018 exhibition: A Purely Selfish Act



I am currently in my fourth year on the Surface Design Course MDes at Swansea College of Art. Through my time at university I have been able to explore a range of processes and techniques to create some amazing work.

My most recent work has centred around hard materials with a focus on surface manipulation using lasers. I work with laser cutters and engravers to create a range of layered work, by using one process on top of another I aim to create depth. Engraving gives a great texture to surfaces whereas cutting can lead to a wider variety of outcomes, be it inlaying multiple materials together or creating cut shapes from engraved pieces.

As much as I love working with digital technology I also use traditional techniques to enhance my designs. Printing has always been a passion of mine, so I try to use it as much as possible. By printing onto materials I am able to take away parts of the printed design with laser techniques.

2018 exhibition: A Purely Selfish Act.