Tamsin’s practice explores materiality, autonomy of the medium and chance aesthetics. It is a collaborative process, between the materials and herself, resulting in work that embraces the unseen nature of materials and object-oriented ontology. Her outcomes are often mixed media and are interdisciplinary, combining chemistry and art.

Taking inspiration from overlooked surfaces and textures that demonstrate an interaction between materials, such as rusted crates, charred wood, and growth of mold, Tamsin’s work questions inanimate matter and its relationship with other objects. These encounters occur independent of human participation and imply that materials are autonomous entities. By utilizing these autonomous characteristics, and creating work that has the freedom to dictate its own outcome, the viewer is encouraged to see the material in a new perspective. Through creating a printing process that uses rust, the oxidized marks made by the metal surface transcend the process into a new context. The rust on the paper is no longer a corrosive contamination, and is instead appreciated for its aesthetic qualities. By using alchemical reactions on canvases, the chemicals surpass their compound structure, and are perceived as vivid colours and textures.

Tamsin aims to present the medium by embracing its innate properties, renovating its context and allowing its independent nature to dictate the outcome.

Exhibition: Secondary Qualities, Mar – May 2017.