Tayo Jones studied fine art at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, where he started to develop his art practice.

Initially taking inspiration from pop art, his work would soon be influenced by the observational style of painting of artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Wayne Thiebaud and started to paint various types of food, ranging from cheeseburgers to cakes. Tayo would eventually start to paint on juice cartons and milk bottles, as they offered an alternative to canvases and ties into his art practice well. The use of recycled items also allows Tayo to give them new purpose and use them in new, creative ways.

Since graduating from UCA, Tayo continues to paint on juice cartons (as the surfaces of the milk bottles were too slippery) but has since included painting animal patterns onto his recycled items. His portfolio of work also grown to include portraits of professional wrestlers and paintings of eyes. While food is his primary subject, he has also explored other subjects, such as film.