Dancer and choreographer





Founded in April 2016, Thomas Page Dances is a contemporary dance company based in Oxford presenting the work of Artistic Director Thomas Page and their collaborators. TPD works with three main strands; ‘Creation and Performance’, ‘Youth and Community Education’, and ‘Professional Engagement and Exchange.’

The company’s creation and performance work is rooted in socio-political ideas, creating dialogues with their audiences and collaborators through the universality of the physical language in the hope to encourage positive societal change.

The company works with a collective of contemporary dance artists and collaborators to bring new projects into existence.

The company was supported via Offbeat 2019 by the Old Fire Station and Oxford Playhouse for the show A Moment.

Lights Up Commission

Thomas was commissioned as part of Lights Up in November 2020 to create a piece of work on the theme of ‘relationships’.

“It’s about making sure everyone feels welcomed, loved and safe. It’s about creating safe spaces. It’s about asking yourself how you will create a better tomorrow.”

Thomas Page Dances invites fellow artists to create their own short response (in any medium) to this work or the question “As an artist, what is my responsibility?”

Share your responses with us by tagging @ThomasPageDances and @ArtsattheOFS, then ask your artistic community to do the same and let the ripple effect flow.