Atlantis was our 2021 Hidden Spire project, performed 14 – 17 October 2021.

“May your day be dry, and your home be high.” 

A wall of water crashed over the city, so powerful nothing could stop it. House Of Noah Tours invites you to meet the people who live in its wake. 

This is a tour of Oxford – but not the one you see in postcards. Eco-warriors fight for the future, and the all-powerful House of Noah watches over a waterlogged world. But what’s really going on, behind the scenes? Are your guides showing you the full story? And how can we find hope again? 

Join us to take back the city. 

Atlantis was a piece of promenade theatre which took over the whole building, taking audience members on a tour of an Oxford recovering in the aftermath of a devastating flood. The audience were met outside the Old Fire Station by a cast member, and taken through rooms and corridors which had been transformed into a new world.