When the COVID-19 lockdown began, Oxford Hub knew it had to act. Within days, Oxford Together had sprung up: the city’s community response to the pandemic, bringing people together to help each other. Oxford City Council collaborated with them to deliver services across the city to help those in need.

As the impact of the Oxford Together initiative became clear, Oxford Hub teamed up with Arts at the Old Fire Station to collect stories from people involved – as volunteers, those in need, community organisers, Oxford City Council employees and Oxford Hub staff.

The stories paint a vivid picture of a city coming together under lockdown. What’s it like to be the only student left in your college? To be at the front-line of a service helping society’s most vulnerable people? To take an exam when you have COVID-19? To bring your neighbours together in support of someone bereaved?

We have collected the stories, commissioned artwork to accompany them, and written a report on the impact the initiative had. Click here to see everything.