• Duration: 90mins approx.
  • Tickets: Standard: £14 | Pay more: £16 | Pay less: £12 | Preview: £10
  • Ages: 14+


“Every choice, every decision you’ve ever and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes.”

Marianne meets Roland. Marianne is an astrophysicist, and Roland keeps bees. How will it go, and come, and go? Come again? In an infinite number of universes, anything can happen. Which is good, because Marianne is running out of time.

Premiered at the Royal Court, Nick Payne’s tale of love, loss and honey has played to packed houses in the West End, on Broadway, and further afield. Funny, poignant and unorthodox, it deals with possibilities, with different outcomes from the same starting point, with paths taken and paths not taken. Marianne explores the theory of the multiverse – that there are an infinite number of universes, each differing slightly or greatly from our own. In which of these will her relationship with Roland survive? In which will she survive?

“Dazzling…you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cheer inside at the hopefulness of love. One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.” – Daily Info

OTG returns to the OFS following the success of After Edward in 2022.


Constellations has two casts, who will be performing on alternate nights as follows:

Tuesday 24 October (preview): Clare Denton & Nathan Golo
Wednesday 25 October: Lucy Miles & Cyd Cowley
Thursday 26 October: Clare Denton & Nathan Golo
Friday 27 October: Lucy Miles & Cyd Cowley
Saturday 28 October (matinee): Lucy Miles & Cyd Cowley
Saturday 28 October (evening): Clare Denton & Nathan Golo
Sunday 29 October (matinee): Clare Denton & Nathan Golo
Sunday 29 October (evening): Lucy Miles & Cyd Cowley

Praise for OTG:

“Even better than the RSC production” – audience feedback, in Oxford Playhouse’s comments book, on The Life of Galileo

“exceptionally well handled” – Oxford Times on Travesties

“an enjoyable experience from start to finish” – What’s On Stage on The American Pilot

“OTG pulls off another stunner” – audience comment on After Edward at OFS 2022

Parking & Access


There are a number of Blue Badge parking spaces nearby on Beaumont Street, and more on New Inn Hall Street and St Giles.

The closest car park is Gloucester Green Car Park, accessed via Gloucester Street.

If you have any questions or concerns, the City Council’s Access Officer can be reached at 01865 249811.

Getting here

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, but we need your help. Use ecoway, our sustainable travel planner, to see the most eco-friendly options for your journey to Old Fire Station, and plan a bespoke and flexible route. ecoway is easy to use and you’ll be kept up to date with any disruption or changes to your journey plan.

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Disabled patrons are eligible for one free companion ticket with their booking. To book this, contact the ticket office: tickets@oldfirestation.org.uk or 01865 263990.

There are two entrances to the Old Fire Station: 40 George Street via the foyer, and on Gloucester Green via the shop. Both are step-free. If you are coming to a show, we ask that you use the George Street entrance, as the Gloucester Green entrance is not always open.

Events in the Theatre

There is level entry to the foyer of the Old Fire Station, and step-free access to the main Theatre (where most shows take place).

If you are a wheelchair user attending a sit-down show, space will be reserved for you. If you are attending a standing gig, please contact us (call the ticket office on 01865 263990 or e-mail tickets@oldfirestation.org.uk) and we will talk with you about your needs.

Events in the Studio

There is level entry into the foyer of the Old Fire Station, and step-free access to the Studio.

Events in the Loft

There are six steps leading up to the Loft space, with no lift. If you would like to discuss this to find out more, please get in touch.

The Gallery

There is step-free access to the Gallery – level entry through the George Street entrance, and via lift from the Gloucester Green entrance.


Accessible toilet
There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor, accessible via platform lift. Other toilets are in the basement (accessible via lift).

Hearing assistance system
The Theatre is equipped with a hearing assistance system. If you have any questions about using it, please e-mail us at tickets@oldfirestation.org.uk or phone 01865 263980.

Assistance dogs
All types of assistance and guide dogs are welcome at the Old Fire Station. It would be great if you could let us know in advance if you will be bringing a working dog to any performances – just e-mail tickets@oldfirestation.org.uk.

Strobe lighting
We will warn visitors on the website and in the foyer of the venue if a performance is going to contain strobe lighting. If lighting affects you, and you have any concerns, please call the ticket office on 01865 263990 or e-mail tickets@oldfirestation.org.uk.

Chairs in the theatre
Our chairs are a standard dining-chair size, measuring 40cm deep by 37cm wide, with a metal frame. Some have arms, and some do not. They are all joined together at the sides, to form rows. If this is likely to pose a problem for you, please email tickets@oldfirestation.org.uk and we can discuss how to make your visit more comfortable.