Exhibition Artists

Chris Oakley

2020 exhibition: Microscopy of the Union Flag

Chris Oakley has worked with moving and digital images since the mid 1990s, alongside installation and print works, and has exhibited widely throughout Europe and beyond.

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Emma Davis

2020 exhibtion: Colour Into Abstraction

Emma is an Oxford-based abstract painter.

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Jack Smith

2017 exhibition: Still Life Chit-Chats

Jack Smith is a self-taught artist born in 1995. He works with acrylic and oil paint on canvas and enjoys painting everything from portraits to townscapes.

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Kirk Ellingham

2018 exhibition: Excelsior Days

Kirk Ellingham is a documentary photographer working in England and Georgia.

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Laura de Moxom

2017 exhibition: Remembering Margaret

Laura Frances de Moxom is a mixed media artist obsessed by the melancholy, the passing of time, sweet sadness and the fragile beauty of existence. The connection with memory and collection in her practice draws her to work on social projects.

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Michael Goldrei

2017 exhibition: Trashtopia

London-based street photographer and photojournalist Michael Goldrei originally hails from Oxford. His work shows the humour, mundanity and colour of everyday life.

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Nicola Fielding

2017 exhibition: Scleractinia

Nicola is a British artist based in Oxford, practising in both drawing and ceramics.

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Ruth Broadway

2017 Shop Showcase

Ruth graduated in Illustration from the University of the West of England in 1998. Her current body of work focuses on the domestic and cherished objects in daily use at home.

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Stacey Mead

2018 exhibition: A Purely Selfish Act

Stacey's most recent work has centred around hard materials with a focus on surface manipulation using lasers.

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Tayo Jones

2020 exhibition: Itadakimasu (Thank you for the meal)

Taylo is an Oxford-based artist who recycles objects into art.

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Tom Foley

2018 exhibition: Over and over...

Tom Foley is an untrained mixed media artist from Oxfordshire, creating work through a wide range of styles, from illustration to abstract.

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Tom Radclyffe

2018 exhibition: Cityscapes

Tom is an Oxford based, freelance illustrator and graduate of the MA Visual Communication course at the Royal College of Art.

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