Exhibition Artists: who have exhibited at the Old Fire Station

Aaron Williamson

2020 exhibition: The Slangon Market Stall

Over the last twenty years Aaron Williamson has created over 300 performances, videos, installations and publications in Britain, Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Scandinavia, USA, South America, Canada and many other countries around the world.

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Bennett & McDermott

2021 exhibition: Twenty Years

Sharon Bennett and Dan McDermott are artists and arts educators with over 30 years collective experience.

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Chris Oakley

2020 exhibition: Microscopy of the Union Flag

Chris Oakley has worked with moving and digital images since the mid 1990s, alongside installation and print works, and has exhibited widely throughout Europe and beyond.

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David Foster

2020 Exhibition: everything seemed to be listening

David Foster is an artist working with photography (especially double exposure photography), as well as video, film, sound, and found objects.

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Emma Davis

2020 exhibtion: Colour Into Abstraction

Emma is an Oxford-based abstract painter.

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Emma Williams

Studio artist 2017

Emma's practice revolves around book-making and online projects.

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2017 exhibition: Haptic/Tactit

Five makers from the 2013 cohort of the Crafts Council’s Hothouse programme for emerging makers, and their mentors.

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Holly Davey


Holly Davey lives and works in Cardiff. Her practice involves working closely with ideas around objects, collections and memory, especially hidden social histories.

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Hugh Pryor

2018 exhibition: Still In Motion

Hugh is an experimental photographic artist, using techniques for recording the passage of time and motion using digital slit scanning from video, lasers and naturally occurring slithers and slices.

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Isadora Reeves

2016 exhibition: Drawn Together

Isadora is a self-taught artist (b 1995) whose abstract paintings have been exhibited in the Museum of Everything’s Exhibition 2 at Tate Modern and Crash Haye-on-Wye international arts-fair shows.

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Jack Eden

Scupture & fine art

Jack Eden is a fine art sculptor whose work focuses on the interplay between sculptural material and form, and how one effects the other physically, aesthetically, and conceptually.

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Jack Smith

2017 exhibition: Still Life Chit-Chats

Jack Smith is a self-taught artist born in 1995. He works with acrylic and oil paint on canvas and enjoys painting everything from portraits to townscapes.

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Jaya Mansberger

2017 exhibition: Pareidolia

Jaya is a painter and illustrator based in Oxford.

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Jayne Wilton

Visual artist

Through her practice, Jayne Wilton explores ways to capture and make visible the human breath. She uses a wide range of traditional and non traditional approaches to render the breath’s ephemeral dynamics.

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JC Niala

2022 exhibition: 1918 Allotment

JC Niala is a writer, researcher and maker.

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John Goto

Photographic artist

John Goto is a British photographic artist. His work addresses a range of historical, cultural and socio-political subject areas, often using a satirical approach.

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Julian Benjamin

2019 exhibition: Dog Photographs

Julian is a photographer based in Oxford, with 20 years' experience at the coalface of the photographic industry.

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Kazem Hakimi

2017 Exhibition: Portraits From A Chip Shop

Photographer Kazem Hakimi was born in Shiraz in Iran, but moved to the UK in 1974. Having trained initially as a civil engineer, he then studied photography in London.

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Kim Thornton

2018 exhibition: Home Entertainment

​Kim Thornton’s practice combines making and photography with humour to disrupt stereotypes and to create surprise​ narratives.

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Kirk Ellingham

2018 exhibition: Excelsior Days

Kirk Ellingham is a documentary photographer working in England and Georgia.

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Laura de Moxom

2017 exhibition: Remembering Margaret

Laura Frances de Moxom is a mixed media artist obsessed by the melancholy, the passing of time, sweet sadness and the fragile beauty of existence. The connection with memory and collection in her practice draws her to work on social projects.

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Lauren Baldwin

Studio artist 2017

Lauren’s work explores themes of preservation by capturing the ephemeral moments in their physical forms.

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2019 exhibition: Capturing Our Creativity

A group of Oxfordshire writer-artists, all published and exhibiting. Some are professional artists, others are skilled amateurs. Each is passionate about capturing creativity through different mediums.

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Lucy Proctor

Studio Artist 2018-19

Art therapist, educator and artist.

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Lucy Stopford

Studio artist 2018-19

Lucy's practice is based on repeated enquiry, working and re-working from one subject: the face. 

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Martin Raeburn

2017 exhibition: Colourful Chaotic Serenity

Martin's preferred style is 'action painting', in which the physical act of painting itself is an essential aspect of the finished work. He lives in Paris.

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Michael Goldrei

2017 exhibition: Trashtopia

London-based street photographer and photojournalist Michael Goldrei originally hails from Oxford. His work shows the humour, mundanity and colour of everyday life.

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Miranda Cresswell


Miranda Creswell studied at Camberwell School of Art in the 1980s and has since then held many solo and group exhibitions in the UK and abroad.

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Moez Kaudeer

2017 Exhibition: Transient City

Moez is an Oxford-based painter. He has lived in the city since 2012, and developed his artistic style in art classes run by Crisis Skylight.

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Nicola Armitage


Experienced videographer, designer, tutor and facilitator working within the creative industries for over 15 years.

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Nicola Fielding

2017 exhibition: Scleractinia

Nicola is a British artist based in Oxford, practising in both drawing and ceramics.

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Oriane Pierrepoint

2017 exhibition: Fold

Oriane Pierrepoint is a young self-taught artist who specialises in the medium of figurative portraiture and draughtsmanship

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Philippa James

2021 exhibition: We Cannot Walk Alone

Philippa James is a portrait and documentary photographer based in Oxford UK. Her interests and work explore women and feminism, the underrepresented, and her local community.

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Photo Oxford


Photo Oxford was established to bring internationally acclaimed photography and photographic debate to the city of Oxford. Photo Oxford hosts exhibitions and events to bring examples of photographic excellence to the region.

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PORTABLE Collective

2022 exhibition: FRACTURE!

A collective of artists formed at the Old Fire Station in 2019.

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Quilla Constance a.k.a. Jennifer Allen

2017 exhibition: Transcending The Signified

Quilla Constance is the creation of interdisciplinary artist Jennifer Allen. She is deployed by Allen to locate points of agency for the negotiation of black female identities within high art and majority culture.

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Rachel Cronin

2019 Exhibition: The View From Here

Rachel is primarily a watercolour and mixed media artist creating abstract landscapes in response to the seasons.

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Rebecca Lee

Studio artist 2018-19

Illustrator, Theatre & Immersive Designer

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Ruth Broadway

2017 Shop Showcase

Ruth graduated in Illustration from the University of the West of England in 1998. Her current body of work focuses on the domestic and cherished objects in daily use at home.

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Sonia Boué

2018 exhibition: Buenos Días Dictador

Sonia Boué is an Anglo-Spanish multiform artist. Her practice is concerned with a legacy of exile, leading to a growing body of work which relates to the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.

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Sonia Latchford

2017 exhibition: Shades of Black

Sonia looks at issues of race and sexuality within pop culture, and specifically within art. She is influenced by artists such as Kerry James Marshall, Kimathi Donkor and Kara Walker.

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Stacey Mead

2018 exhibition: A Purely Selfish Act

Stacey's most recent work has centred around hard materials with a focus on surface manipulation using lasers.

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Tamsin Corrigan

2017 exhibition: Secondary Qualities

Primarily working with rustic materials and industrial-based chemical reactions, Tamsin's work explores materiality, autonomy of the medium and aleatoric aesthetics.

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Tayo Jones

2020 exhibition: Itadakimasu (Thank you for the meal)

Tayo is an Oxford-based artist who recycles objects into art.

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The Shadowlight Artists

2020 exhibition: Luminous

The Shadowlight Artists are a collective of artists with learning disabilities based in Oxfordshire, supported by Film Oxford.

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Tom Foley

2018 exhibition: Over and over...

Tom Foley is an untrained mixed media artist from Oxfordshire, creating work through a wide range of styles, from illustration to abstract.

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Tom Radclyffe

2018 exhibition: Cityscapes

Tom is an Oxford based, freelance illustrator and graduate of the MA Visual Communication course at the Royal College of Art.

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Tony Lorenzo

2019 exhibition: No te vayas nunca (Don’t ever leave)

Tony is a photographer based in Oxforshire.

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Young Women’s Music Project

2020 exhibition: She's A Bird Now

YWMP aims to build a sisterhood of creatives by providing an inclusive, non-judgemental, safe space for musical expression.

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Zelga Miller

Studio artist 2018/19

Zelga seeks to document the human condition through painting, drawing and sculpting.

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