Thursday 12th, Friday 13th & Saturday 14th December, 7.30pm (Saturday Matinee, 2.30pm)

The Story… The Clock Shop is the oldest business in town. Calvin is a master craftsman, inheriting the shop through four generations. But things are changing. These days customers would rather buy a new clock than pay to have it mended. Added to that, an even bigger quandary faces Calvin. His step-mother has died leaving the business jointly to himself and his half-brother. Happy-go-lucky Alwyn and the meticulous Calvin have never got on. Can Calvin find a way of buying Alwyn out? Or will he have to sell his precious livelihood?
But it isn’t just Calvin whose future hangs on a thread. Frances has been working on the books for twenty years; she has been engaged to Cal for as long. Edwina, the loyal neighbour, spends most of her time at the shop. And Ricky, supplier of parts and good humour, looks up to Calvin as a kind of father. Will their lives together be swept away like so many loose cogs and wheels off a worktable?
When Calvin demands their advice, each of the characters must put themselves on the line. Consult the fates, throw the dice, see the crisis as a business opportunity, or sit tight and wait out the storm?
The decision must be made – tonight, before Mr.Gumm the solicitor arrives in the morning.

hidden-spire-2013-double-deck-greenThe clock is ticking. Christmas is getting closer of course, but halfway between now and then there is another event to get excited about. Hidden Spire is a huge collaboration between Arts at the Old Fire Station and Crisis Skylight Oxford. Homeless people, enthusiastic volunteers and professional artists have been working together to put together a project for the public that will provoke intrigue, amusement and amazement.

Every aspect of the performance has been planned from scratch by those involved, ensuring that the final show will be a dynamic affair that plays to the strengths and interests of those who perform. It also means that coming to watch Hidden Spire will be a unique experience. Not only will there be a dynamic assortment of expression, with physical, musical and vocal output, but also an energy that stems from the involvement of the performers in the composition and creation of the event.

Hidden Spire Rehearsals
Hidden Spire Rehearsals

Hidden Spire, backed by the Arts Council, will represent everything that the Old Fire Station stands for. It will show the value of a public arts space which has resources and energy to help, inspire and unite people from all walks of life. And importantly it shows that excellent art and inclusive art can be the same thing.

As you can discover by checking out the Hidden Spire blog, reading the sneak preview of the storyline and watching the snazzy video trailer, the show grows around the theme of chance, with the characters needing to make key decisions and decide which business opportunities to take. Amongst these themes is a modern, hard-hitting script that pays attention to the everyday emotions of life.

So why not book your ticket now, and support this innovative, energetic and moving creative event. The clock is ticking…