Today’s the day! We’re delighted to unveil the trailer for Before The Tempest:


The show is part of Hidden Spire, a project which brings together a team of professional artists to make a show from scratch alongside people who are homeless.  It’s a collaboration and we’ve been writing, devising, designing and building over 14 months to create what promises to be an extraordinary moment of live theatre with a striking set – a work of art in itself.

It’s one of the many projects we run with Crisis Skylight Oxford, the branch of homelessness charity Crisis who share the building with us. We aim to show that excellent and inclusive art can be the same thing.

Please do watch the trailer, and find out more about the project. We’re incredibly proud of it, and it’s hugely important to us. Things are hotting up, with acting workshops starting in a few weeks, and many more on the horizon. You can keep up to date by following our blog over at

As well as the performances, multimeda artist Nicola Armitage will create an exhibition for our Gallery about the process of making the show, which opens on 14 August. Click here to find out more.

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Thurs 17 & Fri 18 Sept: 7.30pm. Sat 19 Sept: 2pm & 7.30pm

Before The Tempest

Before the Tempest imagines what life was like on the island for Miranda and Prospero as a prequel to Shakespeare’s classic tale of love, magic and bad weather.

It’s about isolation and belonging, despair and forgiveness. It’s about wanting to fit in and being different. It’s about growing up. And it’s about birds.

£12, £10 from or 01865 305305.