Implexa Dance Company bring new show The Unhallowed Master to the Old Fire Station on Saturday 3 September at 7.30pm. We tracked down Louise Hague, Artistic Director, to see if she could tell us some more about the show.

Implexa are new to the Old Fire Station. Tell us a bit about the company.

Implexa Dance Company is a new company, predominantly practising contemporary dance as well as some other styles. We are committed to fusing dance with different elements to explore wider art forms for any one who enjoys a good show! We are also hugely passionate about connecting with younger generations; guiding them and granting them new opportunities to motivate their interest in the performing arts.

How did The Unhallowed Master develop?

The Unhallowed Master developed from a prior project created by our choreographers, myself and Jade, at the University of Winchester. The original show, Presenting The Circus Of The Ruined, ran successfully and garnered positive reviews as well as winning the ‘Show of the Year’ award at the Performing Arts Winchester Awards. Taking the show into development, the new show became darker with more of a contemporary focus and, by creating new choreography based around each dancer’s individual style, The Unhallowed Master was born.

Why did you choose the circus for your setting?

The circus has always been something that has interested myself and Jade. The spectacle, the drama, the weirdness. In particular, how classic Victorian circus developed into the glitzy shows of today. We were always keen to know what was behind the flashing lights, to get to know the people and what their secrets to success might be. That is where our story stems from.

What has been your favourite part about the rehearsal process so far?

There are a few times in the process that stick in my mind as favourites! I enjoy seeing the dancers come together for the first time, it’s always really special seeing different talents and energies come together. I also really love seeing the dancers individual progress and development; when they exceed their own potential and grow always makes me proud. The development of both cast and crew has be exceptional and we are incredibly lucky to have such a hard working team. Lastly, when everything comes together -choreography, performance, costumes, set, lights, etc.- that is always a special moment!

Tell us a bit more about the cast – what are your backgrounds?

Both our cast and crew are a mix of college students, current university attendees/alumni and teachers. All with the experience, qualifications and talent in the areas we specialise in. This enables us to all learn and grow from each other which makes us stronger as a unit and a team! We currently have an ongoing partnership with Banbury & Bicester College as their resident dance company, providing their performing arts students with work experience and opportunities. This provides us with keen students who want to learn and achieve, as well as, a good base for us to create our works in!

The Unhallowed Master: Saturday 3 September, 7.30pm. £12/£10. Click here for more information.