Oxford-based painter Emma Davis returns to the Old Fire Station, having exhibited here 21 years ago.

Emma’s paintings evolve from day to day, the process is as important as the final piece, sometimes many layers are painted over and scratched back before she is happy with the final painting. The exhibition will be all about colour, texture and form.

“My new paintings are a celebration of my love of colour, texture and form. I have tackled them with gusto, creating the first few images unsatisfactorily and then almost destroying them to allow me to free up and push them past the point of being something safe to something much more exciting. They are textured, overworked and rubbed and scratched back. Sometimes nothing of the starting image remains visible, I never know what the final image is going to look like until it appears!

I listen to music while I paint, the titles I have chosen are words taken from the songs that have influenced me whilst in my studio or strange things things friends have said and I’ve noted them down.”

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