Three dynamic young painters – Gabriella Boyd, Tom Howse and Lindsey Bull – come together for a group exhibition that takes us in to a realm of uncertainty and altered states of mind. Figures and scenes drift between the real and unreal, playful and disturbing or everyday and fantastic.

Howse’s highly individual world is populated by the strange and surreal; figures or objects are monumentalised to bestow them with a greater power, albeit irrelevant and superficial. His absurd and inadequate attempts to make sense of the world creates something that is mysterious, raw and primal.

Presenting figures that are often masked or concealed Bull draws upon a lexicon of imagery from witchcraft to the occult. The known world slips away leaving fragmentary images that rest between the seen and the hidden.

Gabriella Boyd’s paintings stand between the light and playful and something more disturbing; melancholic or erotic undercurrents are balanced with an overt playfulness presented through bold pattern and colours.

This exhibition has been curated by the High House Gallery in Clanfield.