Share, repair, repurpose, reduce waste and reimagine prosperity; this is what Kate Raworth advocates in her book DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS : Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st – Century Economist.

Inspired by this, the Read, Repair, Remake group began meeting at the Jericho Community Centre. With fairtrade tea and biscuits, they repair clothes, read the book, and think about how to create a thriving Oxford for all.

They learn from each other, sharing skills handed down from different families and cultures; passing on heritage that would be lost in a throw-away economy. They reduce waste by repairing and the hands on activity enables them to share information, and think together about their shared futures.

Read, Repair, Remake are one of the many such projects happening creating positive change in Oxfordshire.

This exhibition is supported by:
Trading for Development, member of the Oxford Fairtrade Coalition
This Great Adventure
Oxford Hub