Lucy presently works as a Visual Arts Tutor for Crisis Skylight Oxford and is a trained art therapist and educator. She has a particular interest in art and mental health and how individuals and communities respond to environmental, social and emotional change.

Lucy’s own arts practice is inspired by these concepts in parallel with the female form, colour and texture. Her intention is to provoke an emotional response from the viewer. Her work investigates ideas around isolation, displacement and the resilience of both our physical and psychological landscapes.

Her large female nudes, her semi abstract oil paintings and small sculptures explore the existential core of human experience and spirit.

Lucy enjoys mixing media and playing with concepts of scale and proportion. Often looking at juxtaposed positions- beauty and beast, strength and fragility, power and suppression.

She works mainly on a commission basis and is also interested in private tutoring and project based work within the community.

2019 exhibition: Practice – A Collective Conversation